Meet The Team


Kinnis Gosha

Dr. Kinnis Gosha (Go-Shay) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Director of the Culturally Relevant Computer Lab at Morehouse College. Dr. Gosha’s research interests include expanding computer science education, broadening participation in computing, green computing and culturally relevant computing. More specifically, Gosha’s passion lies in his research in virtual mentoring where he has several peer-reviewed research publications. Gosha’s Culturally Relevant Computing Lab is comprised of approximately 30 top undergraduate researchers from Morehouse and Spelman Colleges. The lab investigates research problems centered on creating innovative computing technologies to solve cultural problems and issues.


Honesty Nealy

Hello my name is Honesty Nealy, I serve as a research assistant to Morehouse College’s Culturally Relevant Computing Laboratory under Dr. Kinnis Gosha. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree at Spelman College in Computer Science, with a minor in Math and Japanese. Upon graduation I plan to earn my PhD in Cyber Security or Big Data. When I am not accomplishing my academic dreams, I enjoy culinary arts, reading mystery novels, and volunteering in the Atlanta communities.


Picture of self in suit

Andrew Garrett

My name is Andrew Garrett, a sophomore computer science major at Morehouse College. I currently contribute research to Morehouse College’s Culturally Relevant Computing Laboratory under Dr. Kinnis Gosha. After I graduate from Morehouse College, I will enroll into a PhD program in either computer science focusing on data storage and cyber security, or Computer/Mechanical Engineering focusing on the physical development of technology. Upon graduation of my PhD program, I plan to propel into the breakthrough technology scene where cyber security is used in the defense of databases. Ultimately, I want to be an entrepreneur in the technology industry, building tech that make life more convenient. Apart from my academics, I spend my time learning iOS mobile application development, object-oriented programming languages like C++, and other various sources used for application development.



Rashaud Savage

My name is Rashaud Savage I am currently a junior computer science major at Morehouse College. After I graduate I plan to attend graduate school and eventually start my own tech company. My interests include computers, video games, virtual reality, app development and ground breaking technology in general.